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Home » Products » Powder Paint Reciprocator » COLO-2300D
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COLO-2300D Automatic Powder Painting Gun Mover

Quick Detail:

Programmable two-dimensional and three-dimensional intelligent controllable

Slim column design allows for space saving arrangement of the guns

PLC touch control panel ,easy to operation

Height or the stroke adjustable and customized

Travel:1.5m(1.8m/2m/2.5m can be oredred)

Four automatic spray gun rods(qty of the rods can be ordered)

Color can be ordered

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COLO-2300D Automatic Powder Painting Gun Mover
  • COLO-2300D Automatic Powder Painting Gun Mover
  • COLO-2300D Automatic Powder Painting Gun Mover
  • COLO-2300D Automatic Powder Painting Gun Mover
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COLO-2300D 2Axes Long Stroke Automatic  Powder Painting Gun Mover

Besides vertically moves spray guns in programmable speed and stroke, this intelligent reciprocator achieves fore-and-aft direction movement, which means it could automatically moves in and out of the spray booth to adapt the width of workpart, thus complex shape objects can get optimized coating distance.  


1.Stroke can be adjusted in the controller,each part can be arbitrarily set in the travel range of the upper and lower limited position, while the speed can be set in a certain range.

2.The speed of vertical direction in X-axis can be segment adjustable;vertical speed up to 78m/min(the data can be customized based on customer needs).

3.The maximum speed of fore-and-aft direction in Z-axis is 10m/min(the data can be customized based on customer needs), adjustable within motion stroke range.There is a corresponding motion control according to the detection of part position signal.

4.If reciprocator position changed, Z-axis direction would move to Y-axis direction (moving with the production line).


Model COLO-2300D
Power Supply AC 220V/110V 50-60hz
Motor Power  1.1 kW
Speed 0-0.8m/s(0-50m/min)
Acceleration 1 m/s
Max. Loading Capacity 25 kg
Controller Digital
Motor Frequency Adjustable
Stroke 1.5m / 2m / 2.5m
Qty of Spray Guns Loading 2-24 pcs


Automatic Powder coating line, Automatic Painting line,Automatic UV line etc.

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