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Automatic control cabinet
  • img/colo-800da-powder-coating-gun-control-cabinet.jpg

COLO-800DA Powder Coating Gun control Cabinet

Multi controllers of COLO-880D automatic powder coating gun installed on a central cabinet, with compact design and simple operation, it is ideal for working in automatic powder coating line.

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COLO-800DA Powder Coating Gun control Cabinet
  • COLO-800DA Powder Coating Gun control Cabinet
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 COLO-800DA Powder Coating Gun control Cabinet Description:

  • Module design, can be tailored to customer's demands, allows to install Max. 24 control units.

  • Can integrate with COLO reciprocators, part sensing system for highest efficiency. 

  • Most suitable for high speed converised powder coating lines with consistent uniform film thickness. 

  • Particularly suitable for users who switch from manual application to automatic powder coating.



COLO-191S Powder Coating System Components


 1. COLO-800D Powder Gun Controller

 1)Voltage can be flexibly adjusted from 0-100kv,  the voltage and amperage values will be shown on the digital display for

easy and accurate reading.

 2)Just press the 3 one-touch buttons, coating mode switches automatically between flat coating, corner coating and recoating.

  • Flat coating: ideal for flat shape workpieces.
  • Corner coating: ideal for complex shape parts with deep corners.
  • Recoating: ideal for repairing coating.

 2.COLO-08 Automatic Powder Gun

1) The built-in 100KV high pressure module guarantees an extremely high powder loading rate.

2) With a variety of nozzles and extensions, the ability to spray any shape of the workpiece ensures optimum penetration.

3) Quickly disassemble the powder tube connection for easy maintenance and cleaning.

4) The anti-wear design and the use of wear resistant materials reduce maintenance costs.


Modle COLO-800D-A                                                      
Powder Coating Gun COLO-08
Gun Weight 500g
Power source AC 220V/110V 
Power 40 kw
Input Voltage 24V


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