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Home » Products » Powder Coating Machine » COLO-191S
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COLO-191S-A Automatic Powder Coating Machine

Quick Detail:

COLO-191S gun controller, use world's advanced technology

Gentle and continuous powder output for uniform results

Powerful for any shape of metal parts

High automation and efficiency

Developed by COLO, 10 years manufacturer

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COLO-191S-A Automatic Powder Coating Machine
  • COLO-191S-A Automatic Powder Coating Machine
  • COLO-191S-A Automatic Powder Coating Machine
  • COLO-191S-A Automatic Powder Coating Machine
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COLO-191S-A Automatic Powder Coating Machine

COLO-191S Automatic powder coating machine combined with reciprocators, conveyor powder spray booth systems and powder curing oven makes continuous production.Developed by COLO experts, patented design, utlization of digital valve control technology, makes superior quality surface finish. 

powder coating gun

1. COLO-191S Powder Gun Control Uuit Features

1) Designed exclusively for use with Colo manual and automatic powder guns.

2) All settings for efficient powder coating are made simple and reproducable on the 191S thanks to digital valve control.

3) Permit accurate setting of powder flow for the optimum powder coating rate.

4) Corona current and voltage also can be checked on the LED display even from a distance.

5) With three pre-setted models, easy operation for flat workparts, complex workparts, and re-coating jobs.

6) Allows create and store 20 applications programs optilized for parts and powders.

powder coating controller

2. COLO-08 Automatic Powder Spray Gun Features

1) Built-in 100kv cascade allows long lasting work.

2) Anti-static body material, wear-resistant and safe to use.

3) High transfer efficiency, reduce powder consumption.

4) Nozzles are design to suits different shape of parts.

powder coating gun

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