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Home » Products » Powder Coating Machine » COLO-660
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COLO-660T-H Portable Manual Powder Spraying Gun

Quick Detail:
Portable Intelligent powder coating gun
Pre-programmed mode control unit
With powder hopper 20*30cm or 20*40cm

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COLO-660T-H Portable Manual Powder Spraying Gun
  • COLO-660T-H Portable Manual Powder Spraying Gun
  • COLO-660T-H Portable Manual Powder Spraying Gun
  • COLO-660T-H Portable Manual Powder Spraying Gun
  • COLO-660T-H Portable Manual Powder Spraying Gun
  • COLO-660T-H Portable Manual Powder Spraying Gun
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This COLO-660T-H Portable Manual Powder Coating Gun  
Good for lab powder test and small powder coating job
Character: Controller has one-touch intelligent operation button good for flat parts, complicated parts and recoat parts
This machine is suitable for the coating of simple, flat workpieces
This machine is suitable for the coating workpieces with complicated shapes
This application mode is suitable for the over-coating of workpieces
Which are already coated.

Small Metal pieces,powder card test


Place of Origin:


Brand Name:


Model Number:





Minimum Order Quantity:


Packaging Details:


Delivery Time:

3-5 days

Payment Terms:

T/T, Paypal ,Western Union,Trade Assurance

Supply Ability:

1000 pcs per Month



er range    

 100-240 V



Input power    


Temperature range in use             


Powder Gun 


Gun weight:            


Input voltage      


Input current                   


Maximum output current        


Maximum output voltage        

0-100KV (  adjustable)   

Maximum powder injection                



negative (-)   

Pneumatic technical spec 


Maximum input-air pressure     

10 bar / 145 psi 

Optimum input-air pressure          

6 bar / 87 psi

Maximum water vapor content or compressed air   

1.3 g/m3

Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air  

0.1 mg/m3

Maximum cimpressed-air consumption    

13.2 m3/h

Completely powder coating machine pic:

Connecting guide

Suitable for models :660V ,660T-H,660T-B with G38 powder pump.  
If use the different powder pump please according to your request.

Powder Coating Spare parts:
1.COLO-660 Powder Gun Control

Fields of Application
The 660 Powder Gun Control is designed exclusively for use with Colo manual powder guns, automatic powder guns. Use for any other purpose constitutes a misuse. Any damage caused by improper use is not the fault of the manufacturer;the user is solely responsible.
All settings for efficient powder coating are made simple and reproducable on the 660.
Flow meters permit accurate setting of the optimum powder coating rate. In addition the
corona current, and corona voltage also can be checked on the LED display, even
from a distance.

Control unit rear panel

2.Colo-06 manual powder gun - spare parts list

3.Colo-07 manual powder gun - spare parts list

When you need order the spare parts please tell us the item number !

3..we use colo-K1 powder injector,more uniform for powder coating

Competitive Advantage:
Lab powder test
Pre-programmed mode control unit
one-touch intelligent operation button

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